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Cherry Stop History

The Cherry Stop was founded in 1995 in response to a growing demand for smaller cherry stoppackages of dried tart cherries and other dried fruits. As demand grew, an airline wanted small bags of dried fruit to offer to their passengers, and our "Berry & Cherry Blend" was born. Situated in the heart of Traverse City, Michigan, the "Cherry Capital of the World," it was clear that demand for this delicious dried fruit would grow, and so could the business of "Bringing Cherries to the World."

We already understood that cherries tasted great and we knew great foods could be complimented with the tartness of the Montmorency red tart cherry. It became the mission of the Cherry Stop to make sure that everyone understood the power of the cherry. Product lines quickly expanded. In 1997, the retail store front for the Cherry Stop opened in downtown Traverse City.

While dried tart cherries were the main staple of the store, the Cherry Stop also offered jams, jellies and even condiments like salsa and barbecue sauce, all centered on the Montmorency tart cherry. This perfect little fruit just seemed to complement every food we tried it in. All of our jams, salsas and wide array of other condiments are handcrafted in small batches, right in our Front Street kitchen. We take great pride in producing quality products using Michigan-grown fruits.

In 2003, the Cherry Stop moved to 211 East Front Street, the busiest street in downtown Traverse City. In 2005, we (Nick and Jamie Roster) became the new owners of the Cherry Stop. The Cherry Stop became much more than a place to buy cherry jam and dried tart cherries, it was a place to find anything with cherries in it or on it. Cherry-themed gift items of all kinds were a part of the store, including kitchen items, bath and body items, candles, cook books, baby gifts and artwork. Many of the items are made locally by local artisans and local companies. We feel it is important to support the Grand Traverse region as best as we can.

In January 2013, we moved into the new location next door, and changed the store name to Old Mission Traders. In addition to the Cherry Stop products, we introduced a line of house-made artisan foods under the Old Mission Traders name.

In February 2014, we made the difficult but rewarding decision to close the brick-and-mortar retail location and focus on producing our delicious artisan foods and distributing them throughout Traverse City, the state of Michigan and beyond. We have been able to take part in events like Cherry Festival and Michigan State Fair to share our products with customers. We are now working with dozens of stores around the state to carry our products. Our goal is to make it easier for our fans to find our products in their own local markets. For a complete list of stores where Cherry Stop products are available, click on Where to Shop.