Apples Galore!
honeycrisp applesIt's apple time! Well, really it's past harvest, but we are busy processing this year's crop to make the best Apple Jam and Applesauce that we can imagine. Both our apple products are reduced sugar and Michigan-grown and Michigan-made.

We are certainly proud of our state. Michigan is the second-most agriculturally diverse state. What does that mean? It means we have so many products we can make, and we love supporting our local farmers.

For instance, our Michigan applesauce is made from:
  • Honeycrisp and Swiss gourmet apples from Empire, MI
  • Pure Michigan Maple Syrup from Kingsley, MI
  • Apple Cider from Michigan-grown and pressed apples
  • Sugar from the thumb area in Michigan
It's a virtual cornucopia of Michigan products. It's important (and fun) for us to be able to source products from as close to us as possible. When we do this, we can really cut down on food miles and keep our ecological impact and carbon footprint smaller.

Let's also be real... who else would use two premium apples in apple sauce?! We would! It tastes so good!

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