The National Cherry Featival had humble beginnings back in 1910 with an informal ceremony for the "blessing of the blossoms" in May when the cherry trees are in full bloom. This ceremony became a Featival in 1925 when local businesses and local cherry growers partnered to promote the cherry industry. 

 A successful 1929 festival (more focused on cherries, rather than blossoms), led the Cherry Blossomsfestival committee to expand the festival to three days in 1930, where even President Herbert Hoover attended the opening ceremonies. Since then, the festival has been held each year, except for the war years (1942-47). 

 It took 45 more years for another President, and Michigan native, to come back to the now, National Cherry Festival (NCF), and host the Grand Royal parade as the Grand Marshall. President Gerald R. Ford presided over the largest and most attended parade in NCF history in 1975. Over 300,000 people watched the over 180 parade entries that day. President Ford Cherry Festival

As long as I can remember, the NCF has always been held during the first, full week of July. This year, however; the City of Traverse City made a request that the NCF be held to include the 4th of July

Many community members and out of town guests have an expectation that the National Cherry Festival will be open during the fourth.  We agreed that their request seemed logical”, said Trevor Tkach, Festival Executive Director.

So now the National Cherry Festival will be held June 29 - July 6, 2013. You can see more information on the Cherry Festival and the events on their website. Check them out, and come have some fun. And while you are in Traverse City, you can check out Old Mission Traders! We would love to say "hi".

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