Cherry PitsWe were making a few batches of fresh jam today and each time we do, we keep a watchful eye on our jams as we stir. What do we need to look for? Pits. When the year's harvest is processed, all the cherries are pitted by an impressive looking machine. It has to be done this way. Literally hundreds of tons of cherries are processed in just a few weeks.

During this flurry of cherry pitting, a few can get missed. Ever notice the warnings on natural cherry products? It's a fact of cherry life. An occasional pit may be present. Life is a Bowl of Cherries, right?

Anyway, we were having a contest on who would find the most pits. Jamie found three and I snagged four. A pittance really (oh, I meant that pun). Even though we try to be diligent, a pit may slip by our watchful eyes. It was this thought that made me realize we have probably never told you the Pit Rule.

If you happen to find a pit in your cherry jam or other natural cherry product, Congratulations! You get to do the dishes next! 

Sorry, that's the rule.


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