Many years ago, when The Cherry Stop first started, the original owner, Gail, and her friends, family, employees, and customers began experimenting with cherries in everything! Gail was lovely to share those original recipes with us. In addition to the recipes, you will also see a little info about where most of the recipes came from. We hope you have a chance to try these delicious dishes and treats, and also that you do some experimenting of your own and let us know how you use our products ... we would be happy to share your recipes and story, too!

Abi's Ginger Cookie Barb's Dried Cherry Autumn Snack Mix

These ginger cookies were contributed by one of the Cherry Stop's first and "star" employees, Pat. Pat's mother-in-law, who baked these cookies in a Pennsylvania lumber camp during the early 1900's, handed it down to her, and she added the cherries. 

Gail says her mom always let her "mess up in the kitchen when [she] learned to cook as a young girl." The snack mix is one result of those experiments! 

Bob's Great Cocktail Meatballs Gail's Green Salad with Dried Cherries

Bob and Gail ... these meatballs and this salad would go great together and be an easy start to meal!

Helen's Famous Bread Pudding Kaity's Red, White, & Blueberry Blond Brownies

Helen was Bob's mom, known for her culinary expertise and was the reason Gail's husband Bob is a great chef!

Kaity, Gail and Bob's daughter, enjoyed making these fun and easy treats, everyone's favorite!

Kirsta's Cheese Snappers with Cherry Pepper Jelly Nat's Cherry, Cranberry, & Blueberry Stuffing

Another of Gail and Bob's daughters, Kirsta came up with these snappers at only nine years old!

Gail was inspired to make this stuffing by her Godmother Natalie, who was known for her wonderful cookie recipes and Swedish hospitality.

Oatmeal, Chocolate Chip, Cherry Cookie Praline Butter Cookie with Cherries

These last two recipes did not include a story, but they are delicious cookies with or without one! Try dried cherries in anything you might already use raisins in - they make a delightful substitution! 

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