The Cherry Salsas at the Cherry Stop have a brand new look. We have changed the jar to Medium Salsaa true "salsa jar." This makes for easier dipping, and less mess. 

We have had quite a few customers wonder what happened to our salsa. Our answer is, "The flavor you expect has not changed, it is still great. Just the jar has changed." We made the decision to use a more convenient, true, salsa jar. While change is never easy, we think you'll love this change, once you have a jar in your hand.

We still use Michigan tart cherries and fresh roma tomatoes, onions, jalapeños, and garlic. We love using fresh ingredients, it makes our salsa taste great. We also leave out a lot of the salt, to make our Cherry Salsas reduced salt.

Of course you can dip your chips right into the jar, that is what makes this new jar great (no double dipping, please). But this new jar also makes spooning your salsa over chicken to bake, a breeze. Pour some salsa into your next batch of your favorite chili. Believe it or not, this salsa is great on eggs too, and in your next taco.

What are all those salsas? How can I choose? We do have six different Cherry Salsas, and it really depends on what you are looking for or who you are buy a Cherry Salsa gift for. 

First, we have our Garden Cherry Salsa. It is ultra mild. We left out the jalapeños so you get great cherry salsa flavor, but without the heat.

A step up from the Garden Salsa is our Mild Cherry Salsa. This has a pleasant bit of heat to it and a fantastic, complex cherry flavor. 

If you need some more heat, you can step up to the Medium Cherry Salsa. This is a well-balanced Cherry Salsa, that packs some heat, but it is not over-whelming.

For the thermophiles (heat-lovers) in the crowd, we implore you to try our Hot! Cherry Salsa. We were truly unimpressed by the "hot" cherry salsas that we tried. There was no heat! So we stepped up and made a uniquely Hot! Cherry Salsa. This salsa can pack a punch. We spiced it up with some habanero peppers and balanced it with cilantro. This is a salsa that you can enjoy. It is not too hot to eat, but you will feel it.

Our Cherry Chipotle Salsa (chee-pote-lay) is probably our most misunderstood. In fact, we even had to look up what chipotle meant. Chipotle peppers are smoked jalapeños. We leave the heat index close to our Mild Cherry Salsa, as the point of the chipotle peppers is to enjoy the smokiness. This is a great salsa to dress up baked chicken and chili.

Finally, we offer a Cherry Peach Salsa. There are quite a few peaches grown in the area around Traverse City, MI and taking that inspiration, we added in some peaches to our Mild Cherry Salsa, so you can enjoy Michigan cherries commingled with peaches in this fruity salsa.

If you have a recipe, let us know and we will pass it along...

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