It has been too long since our last post, but Jamie and I have 
OMT Logobeen hard at work renovating our new store space, and creating new products. We apologize for our lack of communication, but we have been frantic in getting our new store open. We basically have been working all day, and flopping into bed at night. But, now our store is open and we are here to clear up some lingering questions. 

First, the Cherry Stop is not going away. We will continue to make all your favorite products, and will continue to add to those product lines when we come

up with some really tasty, new cherry treats. 

Second, we did change the name of our store to Old Mission Traders. We wanted a name that still tied us to the beautiful Traverse City, MI area, but not to a single agricultural crop. Why? Michigan is incredibly agriculturally diverse. You can check out this brochure published by the Michigan Department of Agriculture, and I am sure you will be surprised by at least a few of our crops.

Jamie and I wanted to showcase more of what Michigan has to offer agriculturally, and we found the name, "Cherry Stop" to be too limiting. We are really excited about the products we have in the works, and can't wait to bring them to you. You can try out a few of them already. Here are some ideas for one of them.

Pear Vanilla Bean
This is a simple, clean finishing sauce and dessert topping. 
Anjou Pears

What do we mean by finishing sauce? You can use
this sauce on a nice ham or other piece of pork.
Put the sauce on in the last five minutes of cooking
or just after cooking.

Try it as a dessert topping on brownies, or ice
cream, or on your favorite cheese cake. The possibilities are endless.

The sauce itself is a delicate, mild and fresh flavor that would really compliment many dishes. Let us know how you use it.

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