Coming soon to Cherry Stop... The return of Cherriyaki Sauce. We have done some reformulation, and think we have a winner! Look for it soon in our store and at thecherrystop.comCherriyaki stir fry

What is Cherriyaki? It is the Cherry Stop's take on a fabulous teriyaki sauce. We are certainly out to prove that cherries go with everything, and here is another tasty example. Our Cherriyaki sauce is sweet and tangy like a great restaurant-style teriyaki sauce. 

We tried our new Cherriyaki sauce on a stir fry with parsnips, snow peas, green peppers, carrots and beef strips. A side of teriyaki noodles and some rice seemed to round out the tasty masterpiece.

Besides stir fry, this Cherriyaki sauce can be used to spice up hamburgers. We take a pound of ground beef, add in some bread crumbs and pour Cherriyaki sauce over the beef instead of Worchestershire sauce. To make the burgers extra tasty, you can add an egg to the mix too. Knead the beef and other ingredients well and form about 4 patties. If your patties don't stick together, you may add a few more bread crumbs. Gill and enjoy!

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