Great Recipes for All Your Dried Tart Cherries

Dried Cherries
You have dried cherries, now you want to know what to do with
all those tasty morsels. Besides eating them by the handful, you
can add them to any number of recipes for an added zip. Check
out other recipes below and let us know what you think!

The most common dried cherry is the Montmorency Tart 
Cherry you can find these on our website here. Ours are lightly sweetened and always plump. 
Another alternative are tart cherries infused with apple juice concentrate if you wish to have fewer refined sugars and you can find those here.
Finally, we have a newer dried tart cherry. These cherries are dark tarts called Balaton Cherries. They have a great flavor, and are to me somewhere between sweet cherries and tart cherries. Try them out and you won't be disappointed. You can find them here.

1. Pistachio and Dried Cherry Biscotti

biscotti dried cherries

Check out this recipe for these tasty biscotti at BonAppetit

2. Baked Brie en Croute with honey, Dried Cherries, Rosemary & Pecans

dried cherries and brie

Fantastic recipe from Once Upon a Chef

3. Cheddar with Honey, Walnuts and Dried Cherries

Cheddar with Dried Cherries

A great recipe we found at Cabot Cheese

4. Rye Toasting Bread with Dried Cherries & Pumpkin Seeds

rye bread dried cherries

Yummy rye bread from our friends at The Kitchn

5. Chicken Salad with Dried Cherries & Pecans

chicken salad cherries

Try this recipe from our friends at Eating Well

6. One-Pot Farro, Butternut Squash & Dried Cherries

butternut squash cherries

A perfect fall recipe from the Cookin Canuck


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