We just have to post some pictures to remind us that it is still spring here in northern Michigan. barn with forsythia Here it is Mother's Day weekend, and we are getting cold weather, wind and (dare we say it?), snow.

So here are some pictures of spring that we have taken over the past week.

A beautiful old barn and forsythia on the Old Mission Peninsula.

A trillium that I saw driving back from Frankfort, where we
get our tasty cherries. These beautiful flowers can carpet a whole
forest floor in areas. If you look real hard at the photo, you
can see more flowers in the background. While these flowers
are locally abundant, they are still a protected species.

And finally, I had to post a picture of cherry blossoms. I took
this picture after a dropped the boys off for school. This orchard
is on the Old Mission Peninsula, and beautifully looks over the East Arm of Grand Traverse Bay (or East Bay, to the locals).

Of course, the real concern is 
with the snow and cold weather.
It is not supposed to be a hard
freeze, but we are certainly
concerned with any cold
weather at this point as the 
cherry blossoms are fully out
and vulnerable to damage.
We will keep our cherry 
stems crossed that we still get a bumper crop of Montmorency cherries this year.

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